In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) recently unveiled its Childcare Facility at the Line 2 Depot in Santolan. This program aims to assist working parents, particularly single parents, by offering a secure environment for their kids as they attend to their professional responsibilities.

The inauguration ceremony was spearheaded by Department of Transportation (DOTr) Assistant Secretary for Railways Jorjette Aquino and LRTA Administrator Atty. Hernando Cabrera.

The facility is fully equipped with educational materials and toys, overseen by a qualified teacher to ensure children are engaged and learning while their parents work.

Assistant Secretary Aquino expressed the DOTr’s ongoing commitment to the welfare of LRTA staff, stating, “The establishment of this Childcare Facility reflects our dedication to creating a supportive workplace for working parents.”

Atty. Cabrera emphasized the positive influence of the facility on employee satisfaction, saying, “We believe that content employees are more efficient. By alleviating concerns for our working parents, especially those who are single parents, this facility promotes the overall well-being of our workforce and consequently, the success of the LRTA.”

The establishment of the Childcare Facility was spearheaded by Atty. Cabrera with the support of the Gender and Development Committee and the LRTA Employees Association.