The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) through its Gender and Development Committee (GAD) conducted an orientation on the Safe Spaces Act, commonly known as the Bawal Bastos Law, on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. Personnel from various departments of LRTA participated in the session as part of the Authority’s commitment to implementing the law across its transit system.

During the orientation, participants were briefed on important aspects of the law, including the penalties for violations of Gender-Based Sexual Harassment (GBSH) provisions and similar regulations enforced by local governments. LRTA personnel were also trained on the appropriate procedures for managing GBSH incidents within LRTA facilities, ensuring they are well-prepared to address such situations effectively.

Additionally, the session offered valuable information on resources available for victims of GBSH. Employees were educated on where victims can seek help and the necessary steps to take when witnessing or receiving reports of GBSH incidents. 

These orientations form part of LRTA’s continuous efforts to equip its personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a timely and proper response while serving the public.