On Valentine’s Day, the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) shared love and joy with its passengers by hosting a series of festive activities. Led by LRTA Administrator Atty. Hernando T. Cabrera, the authority organized a heartwarming celebration designed to bring smiles and a touch of romance to the daily commute.

A key highlight of the day was the distribution of rose pastillas to passengers. Atty. Cabrera expressed, “This simple gesture is our way of showing appreciation and love to our passengers, part of our commitment to enhancing the travel experience and thanking our loyal commuters.”

In addition to this sweet treat, LRTA held a Valentine’s Day “hugot line” online contest, where participants shared creative and heartfelt lines for a chance to win two weeks of free train rides. This contest promoted community engagement and added a fun twist to the celebration.

To further uplift the atmosphere, train operators shared hugot lines inside the trains, entertaining passengers with amusing expressions of love. This special touch ensured that the spirit of Valentine’s Day resonated throughout the journey.

Alongside these activities, LRTA arranged musical performances to serenade passengers. The Philippine Coast Guard Band and Saxerendipity added to the festive ambiance by playing enchanting love songs at the stations. These live performances created a delightful and memorable experience for commuters.

Lastly, the LRTA Valentine’s jingle, “Love Aboard Our Train,” played in all stations, serving as a melodious reminder to spread love and kindness. This jingle encapsulated the essence of Valentine’s Day and LRTA’s commitment to making public transport a joyful part of daily life.

The Valentine’s Day celebrations by LRTA were not just events but a reflection of the authority’s dedication to bringing happiness and a sense of community to public transportation. As passengers embarked on their journeys, they were reminded that every ride with LRTA was filled with love.