The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) has reached a new milestone, as its Line 2 welcomed a record number of 49.42 million passengers in 2023.

This achievement represents the highest ridership since the pandemic began, reflecting a substantial recovery and increasing trust in the public transit system.

The year 2023 saw a remarkable surge in the number of LRT-2 commuters, with figures rising from 31.64 million in 2022, contrasted by the significantly lower numbers of 11.84 million and 12.50 million during the lockdown-affected years of 2021 and 2020, respectively.

A substantial spike in ridership was recorded in the latter part of 2023, particularly after the fare adjustment in August, as demonstrated by the jump from 3.81 million riders in July to 4.36 million in August. This trend highlights the public’s unwavering reliance on the LRT-2 service despite cost changes.

The LRTA is optimistic about a further rise in LRT-2 ridership in 2024, spurred by the resumption of in-person classes and the shift back to traditional office work settings. The authority is projecting an estimated annual ridership of around 50.70 million for 2024, translating to an increase of 2.57% from 2023’s record figures.

The latest ridership record stands as a testament to the increasing preference for LRT-2 as a primary mode of transportation among the public and the LRTA’s ongoing dedication to enhancing service quality and achieving operational excellence.