The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) participated in the 2023 National Volunteer Month organized by the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) aimed to promote volunteerism and encourage public engagement in volunteer activities.

 To raise awareness and encourage community involvement, LRTA has placed banners and tarpaulins at its 13 stations and depots. These displays aim to showcase the importance of volunteerism and motivate individuals to contribute to their communities.

Atty. Hernando Cabrera, LRTA Administrator, emphasizes LRTA’s commitment to fostering a culture of volunteerism. “LRTA remains dedicated to advocating and supporting a culture of volunteerism. Our participation in NVM is a testament to our commitment to community service and social responsibility,” he added.

LRTA’s involvement in the National Volunteer Month event exemplifies its ongoing dedication to community engagement and public service. The organization enthusiastically encourages its employees and the general public to take part in various volunteer activities. By embodying the spirit of selflessness and community improvement, LRTA aims to make a positive impact on society.