We are pleased to announce the completion of the rehabilitation project for the LRT-2 Rectifier Substations (RSS# 5 & 6), which were damaged by fire in 2019.

The restoration of the newly rehabilitated power supply to full operational capacity will lead to significant increase in train frequency and faster train movement, resulting in a better overall transportation experience for commuters.

Moreover, this will contribute to a reliable power supply for trains, further optimizing their performance and reliability.

To ensure the smooth integration of the rehabilitated power system, a four-day testing and commissioning activity is scheduled to be completed by Monday, January 15.

As part of the testing and commissioning process, a simulation will be conducted to remove all trains from the revenue line for maintenance, which has been limited since 2020 due to the damaged rectifier substations. The gradual approach to these procedures is crucial to the optimized functioning of the rehabilitated power system.

We appeal for the understanding and patience of the riding public for any inconvenience it may cause during the said activity. Rest assured that LRTA will continue to strive to enhance our transportation service, ensuring a comfortable, affordable, accessible, reliable, efficient, and safe travel experience for our commuters.