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The Metro Manila Strategic Mass Rail Transit Development
Line 2 Project


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The second rail transit line, better known as the "MEGATREN" is a 13.8 km. mass rail transit line that passes through five (5) cities in the metropolis namely Pasig, Marikina, Quezon City, San Juan and Manila. 

The MEGATREN is the much-awaited answer to the clamor for a convenient, fast, safe and reliable means of transportation across Metro Manila. The transit extends from Santolan, Pasig in the east, to Doroteo Jose, Manila in the west. It has 11 stations, one of which is the Katipunan Station, the only underground station of Line 2. The trains are fully air-conditioned to give passengers more comfort in travelling. Expansion of this line is available in the future and could go as far as the North Harbor in the west and Masinag and Cogeo in the east.

The Megatren attracts a considerable share of the riding public who are currently using vehicular transport along this high volume but slow moving transport corridor resulting to less traffic congestion on roads, reduction in air pollution, a cleaner environment, lesser travelling time, and therefore, greater economic benefits and a higher quality of life for passengers. The ease and convenience for a large numbers of commuters to access the stations also produces commercial, retail, and office development opportunities that contribute to faster urban renewal.


The project is divided into four (4) contract packages:


Package 1 - Depot


This package involves the construction of a depot to house the rolling stocks and other vital facilities of the system that include the rolling stock maintenance facilities, maintenance of way equipment and Operations Control Center.



Package 2 - Substructure


The scope of the contract for this package covers construction of viaduct foundations and piers, substructures of elevated stations, the Katipunan underground station and its underground segments.


Package 3 - Superstructure and Stations


This package covers the construction of the viaduct structures and stations including transfer stations at the Cubao and Recto Stations.


Package 4 - Systems, Vehicles and Trackworks


This package includes the supply of the rolling stocks, the power supply and distribution system, signaling system comprising of Automatic Train Control (ATC), telecommunications system, the automated fare collection system, trackworks, including contract coordination and quality control/assurance, and system integration.



n Status
  • Phase I (Santolan to Cubao): Commercial operation started on April 5, 2003

  • Phase IIa (Cubao to Legarda): Commercial operation started on April 5, 2004

  • Phase IIb (Recto): Commercial operation started on October 29, 2004


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Please contact:


Assistant Project Manager

Tel. # +63(2)832-0432 or at

Tel. # +63(2)853-0042 local 8311



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