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Project Updates  
The LRT Line 1 South Extension Project  

Brief Description of the Project


The project aims to extend the existing 15km LRT Line 1 System southward by an additional 11.7km, of which approximately 10.5km will be elevated and 1.2km will be at-grade.  The Extension will start from the existing line's last station at Baclaran and will traverse the cities of Parañaque and Las Piñas in Metro Manila and reach the municipality of Bacoor.  The extension will initially include 8 new passenger stations with a provision of 2 additional passenger stations.  A satellite depot for light rail vehicle (LRV) storage and light maintenance will be located at the southern end of the proposed line. Intermodal facilities will also be installed at high-demand stations.


The construction of the Cavite Extension Line is divided into two phases - the first phase shall be from Baclaran to Dr. Santos Avenue (Phase 1A) and the second phase shall be from Dr. Santos Avenue to Niyog Station (Phase 1B)


The key features of the Line 1 Cavite Extension Project, based on the Project Study conducted by SNC Lavalin, as approved by NEDA, are the following:

  • Interconnectivity to the existing Line 1 at Baclaran Terminal to form a continuous line and transport more people

  • Compatible technology with the existing Line 1 to permit through running of trains

  • Integrated fare collection system, with ticket commonality for seamless travel

  • Intermodal facilities at three high demand stations

  • Common maintenance facility for the Extension and the Existing Line in Pasay City

  • Satellite depot for storage and light vehicle maintenance, located at the south end of the line

The project seeks to (a) immediately provide safe, reliable and environment-friendly transportation services in Metro Manila and the suburbs; (b) immediately alleviate the worsening traffic condition in the Parañaque-Las Piñas-Cavite area and (c) catalyze commercial development around the rail stations.


Estimated Project Cost (as of 2009)


  Total Project Cost
PPP (IFC/WB Proposal) USD 1.844 B
ODA (China) USD 1.016 B
Joint Venture  (Ecorail) USD 1.134 B


Status of the Project (as of September 30, 2010)
  • Acquired 71.53% of the total Right of Way (ROW) required (based on the purchased/title transferred and expropriated properties).
  • Negotiation with private property owners for the remaining areas are on-going.
  • Social Preparation, pre-relocation activities and screening of affected families are completed.
  • The Provincial Government of Cavite is completing the development of the relocation site of informal settlers affected by the Project as per MOA between LRTA and the Province of Cavited dated February 20, 2008.
  • Phase 1 Contract which includes the Site Grading, construction of fence and slope protection was completed on April 30, 2010.
  • Phase 2 Contract which involves Roads and Water System, Drainage System and Construction of 180 units of ROW is at 83.20% accomplished as of August 31, 2010.
Financial Status
    Total SARO Received                   -  P   3,106.12M

    Total NCA Releases                     -  P   3,106.12M

     Actual Disbursements                 -  P   1,943.80M

     Balance of the Allocated Funds    -  P      402.44

 Note:  Funds released are for Right of Way Acquisition only excluding cost of Civil Works and      Mechanical Works




For more information

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Project Manager

Tel. # +63(2)854-0980 or at

Tel. # +63(2)853-0042 local 8361

Fax # 8540980



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