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The LRT Line 1 Rehabilitation I Project  

Phase 3 - Rolling Stock Rehabilitation



n Description


The works undertaken by the Contractor for this project involved actual carbody repair such as:

  • refurbishing/modernizing of interior design of carbody, corrosion protection application, complete repainting of the carbody including components attached to it.
  • all works needed to prepare the vehicles for the installation of new components provided under the Second Rehabilitation Contract with the Belgian Consortium including mechanical, as well as electrical works required to install all new components.

  • modification of the roof section of the vehicles to prepare for the installation of air-conditioning units. This modification also included provision for an additional 750V power supply to the inverter to be installed as part of the air-conditioning units.


n Status


The Project was completed in 2001.



n For more information


Please contact:


Project Manager

Tel. # +63(2)854-0981 or at

Tel. # +63(2)853-0042 local 8910 to 11



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