Reminders to all Passenger

  • Eating, drinking or smoking is strictly prohibited inside the trains, stations and terminals.
  • Always hold on to the safety handrails and please do not hold or lean against the train doors.
  • Please secure your personal belongings as well as the magnetic card (ticket) that you will be using to exit from the stations or terminals.
  • Please do not touch any of the emergency devices found just above the train doors.


 Ang pagbibiro (Tulad ng pagkukunwaring pagpapakamatay o mga kahalintulad ng gawa) sa Light Rail Transit (LRT) platform area na maaring maging sanhi ng pagkadiskaril ng mga tren o pinsala sa riles, ay labag sa batas. ito ay may kaukulang kaparusahang PAGKABILANGGO ng mula dalawa (2) hanggang labing dalawang (12) taon.

 The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) would like to remind our valued passengers and clients that pursuant to Article 330 of the Revised Penal code, horse playing (making it appear that a person is attempting to commit suicide and/or other similar acts) at the LRT platform area resulting in derailment of cars or damage to the railways, is a criminal offense punishable with imprisonment from two (2) years to twelve (12) years.