Reminders to all Passenger

  • Eating, drinking or smoking is strictly prohibited inside the trains, stations and terminals.
  • Always hold on to the safety handrails and please do not hold or lean against the train doors.
  • Please secure your personal belongings as well as the magnetic card (ticket) that you will be using to exit from the stations or terminals.
  • Please do not touch any of the emergency devices found just above the train doors.


 Ang pagbibiro (Tulad ng pagkukunwaring pagpapakamatay o mga kahalintulad ng gawa) sa Light Rail Transit (LRT) platform area na maaring maging sanhi ng pagkadiskaril ng mga tren o pinsala sa riles, ay labag sa batas. ito ay may kaukulang kaparusahang PAGKABILANGGO ng mula dalawa (2) hanggang labing dalawang (12) taon.

 The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) would like to remind our valued passengers and clients that pursuant to Article 330 of the Revised Penal code, horse playing (making it appear that a person is attempting to commit suicide and/or other similar acts) at the LRT platform area resulting in derailment of cars or damage to the railways, is a criminal offense punishable with imprisonment from two (2) years to twelve (12) years.

*Baclaran - EDSA 588 0.588
EDSA - Libertad 1,010 1.01
Libertad - Gil Puyat 730 0.73
Gil Puyat -  Vito Cruz  1,061 1.061
Vito Cruz - Quirino 827 0.827
Quirino - Pedro Gil 794 0.794
Pedro Gil - United Nations Avenue 754 0.754
United Nations Avenue - Central Terminal 1,214 1.214
Central Terminal - Carriedo 725 0.725
Carriedo - Doroteo Jose 685 0.685
Doroteo Jose - Bambang 648 0.648
Bambang - Tayuman 618 0.618
Tayuman - Blumentritt 671 0.671
Blumentritt - Abad Santos 927 0.927
Abad Santos - R. Papa 660 0.660
R. Papa - 5th Avenue 954 0.954
5th Avenue - Monumento 1,087 1.087
Monumento - Balintawak 2,250 2.250
Balintawak - Roosevelt** 1,870 1.87
TOTAL DISTANCE 18,073 18.073
*up to the south end of the platform
**up to the north end of the platform


Recto - Legarda 1,050.1 1.050
Legarda - Pureza 1,389 1.389
Pureza - V. Mapa 1,357.28 1.357
V. Mapa - J. Ruiz 1,234 1.234
J. Ruiz - Gilmore 928.04 0.928
Gilmore - Betty Go-Belmonte 1,074.64 1.075
Betty Go-Blemonte - Araneta Center-Cubao 1,164.09 1.164
Araneta Center-Cubao - Anonas 1,438 1.438
Anonas - Katipunan 954.57 0.955
Katipunan - Santolan 1,970.21 1.970
TOTAL DISTANCE 12,560.49 12.56049


Citizen's Charter

 List of Frontline Services:

  • Issuance of Ticket, Filing of Complaints, Suggestions, Observations and Inquiries (Line 2)

 Senior Citizens and Person with Disability (PWDs) may now get 20% discount on Single Journey and Stored Value Tickets directly at all Stations by presenting their valid OSCA/NCDA ID to the Station Tellers.


Special Seats

 Seats behind the train operator's cabin are reserved for the following passengers:

  • Senior Citizens
  • Disabled Persons
  • Pregnant Women/ Women with infants


Public Relations Office

The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) is pleased to receive your comments, suggestion or complaints regarding LRT 1 and 2 Operations.

 You can contact us thru the following:

Hotline Numbers: (0915) 8027 295/ (0908) 8559 121
Line 2: +63 (2) 647-3452
+63 (2) 647-3491 local 29846/29854
Fax Numbers: +63 (2) 852-3431
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter: @OfficialLRTA


 Please provide contact details to your comments, suggestions or complaints for immediate response/ reply. Or you can visit us at  our Public Relations offices located at Cubao Station and Recto Terminal of the LRT Line 2.

Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS)

An Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) using plastic magnetic tickets as fare medium is being utilized in both the LRT Line 1 and LRT Line 2 Systems . The old magnetic ticket fare collection system of LRT Lines 1 & 2 was totally replaced with the new contactless smartcard based AFCS starting 16 December 2015, through the Department of Transportations’ PPP for the Automatic Fare Collection System Project for LRT Lines 1 & 2 and MRT3. The Common Ticketing Project for LRTA Lines 1&2 and MRT3 under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program is a joint venture between the government and private organization led by Ayala and Metro Pacific. This new AFCS project replaced of the old-magnetic-based ticketing system installed in early 2000 and replacing the old system with contactless-based smart card technology on LRTA Lines 1&2 and MRT3.

LRTA Fare Matrices (Based on DOTC Department Order 2014-014 dtd. Jan. 4, 2017)

LRTA Board Approved (P11+P1) Fares effective January 4, 2015 for LRT Line 2 Stored Value and Single Journey Ticket.

LRT Line 1 System

LRT Line 2 System

Standard Stored Value Card (SVC)

  • Sold for Php 20.00 each plus Php 11.00 minimum load
  • Accepted at all LRT/MRT Lines 1, 2 & 3 Stations and other facilities with DoTr Transpo™ system
  • Reloadable
  • Valid until the indicated date printed on the card

Single Journey Ticket

Single Journey Ticket (SJT) - For Line 2 use only

Single Journey Ticket (SJT) - For Line 1 use only

  • Sold for Php 15.00, Php 20.00 and Php 30.00 each for LRT Line 1
  • Sold for Php 15.00, Php 20.00 and Php 25.00 each for LRT Line 2
  • Can only be used once.
  • Valid only on the date of purchase and at the station where sold