Citizen's Charter

List of Frontline Services:

  • Issuance of Ticket, Filing of Complaints, Suggestions, Observations, and Inquiries ( Line 1 & Line 2).

Senior Citizens and Person with Disability (PWDs) may now get 20 percent discount on Single Journey and Stored Value Tickets directly at all Stations by presenting their valid OSCA/NCDA ID to the Station Tellers.


Special Seats

Seats behind the train operator's cabin are reserved for the following passengers:
  •        Senior Citizens
  •        Disabled Persons
  •        Pregnant Women/ Women with Infants

Also, a designated all-female section is located at the lead vehicle of the train immediately
behind the special section described above.

 Public Relations Office

The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) is pleased to receive your comments, suggestions or
complaints regarding LRT 1 and 2 Operations.

You can contact us thru the following:

Hotline Numbers: (0915) 8027 295/ (0908) 8559 121
Line 1: +63 (2) 854-0452/ 891-7865/ 854-0984
Line 2:+63 (2) 647-3452
Fax Numbers:+63 (2) 852-3431

Please provide contact details to your comments, suggestions or complaints for immediate response/reply.

Or you can visit us at our Public Relations offices located at the Monumento, Central and Baclaran terminals for LRT Line 1 and in the Passenger Assistance offices in each of the terminals of the LRT Line 2.



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